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We provide construction oversight and use heavy equipment to mitigate and restore roads including:

• Road maintenance Best Management Practices

• Culvert upgrade

• Road and culvert storm proofing

• Road decommissioning

• Stream crossing restoration

Highlighted Projects:

Road BMP application on the Clearwater-Blackfoot lands, MT

By implementing road maintenance Best Management Practices (BMPs), land owners and managers can prevent environmental damage, protect their road infrastructure, and reduce maintenance costs over time.  One of the most common road-related hazards is a blocked or undersized culvert.  Using hand crews and heavy equipment, Inroads Consulting LLC has cleaned hundreds of culverts preventing overtopping and catastrophic road washouts.  Below are a couple before and after photos of cleaned culverts.

Cleaning ditch lines can ensure water is effectively drained from the road surface.

Installing rolling dips are a relatively new BMP that insures frequent drainage on the roadbed while requiring limited maintenance.


Lolo Creek Restoration, Lolo National Forest, MT

In some cases it is determined that a road is no longer needed or has an unacceptable amount of environmental risk.  It was determined that the road density in recently acquired  industrial timber lands were higher than needed for management purposes and several roads and stream crossings were identified for restoration.  We are working with with Clark Fork Coalition and the Forest Service to restore 20 stream crossings and miles of roads.  InRoads inventoried high priority roads and stream crossings and used Water Erosion Prediction Project (WEPP) model to estimate the amount sediment generated from the road system.  Restoring the crossings and roads in this project keeps tons of sediment from entering the Lolo creek each year – greatly benefiting bull trout and other aquatic organisms.  InRoads also provided excavator training and construction oversight for this project.


Stream crossing restoration on California Creek, MT.

We worked with Watershed Consulting LLC to restore a stream crossing in the headwaters of the Big Hole River.  This culvert was almost completely blocked and had catastrophically failed delivering yards of sediment into this blue ribbon fishing stream.  We removed the culvert, recontoured the banks, and revegetated the slopes.  This treatment will reduce the chronic sediment from this site and restore fish passage.  For more information of the benefits of stream crossing restoration on fish, view this research article we coauthored in the Transactions of the American Fisheries Society.