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Post-treatment monitoring of road mitigation and restoration including:

• Erosion and soil properties

• Revegetation success and noxious weed presence

• Stream health

• Wildlife presence and use patterns


???????????????????????????????     Conducting pebble counts in shotgun Creek Powell RD CNF 2007 Adam Switalski

Carnivore monitoring    citizen monitoring on the CNF 2005

Highlighted project:

Southwest Crown of the Continent Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Program (CFLRP)

     We are monitoring vegetation and soils on decommissioned roads before and after treatment on three forests in western Montana.  As part of the Southwest Crown of the Continent Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Program (CFLRP), we are working collaboratively to measure the effectiveness of these treatments.  Learn more about our project in the presentation below and/or read this Monitoring report of the project and key findings.  For more information about revegetating decommissioned roads see this research article published in the scientific journal, Restoration Ecology.

Below is a recent presentation to the 2017 SWCC CFLRP Adaptive Management  Workshop with some preliminary results:

2017 presentation cover screenshot


Highlighted project:

Wildlife monitoring in the Yaak, MT

We are using remotely-triggered cameras to measure wildlife response to road decommissioning efforts in the Yaak, MT.  In collaboration with the Forest Service, The Yaak Valley Forest Council, and Yellowstone to Yukon Initiative, we are finding that a variety of wildlife species are thriving on restored roads.   For more information on the effect of road restoration on wildlife view this research article we co-authored on how bears respond to different road treatments on the Clearwater National Forest, ID.  TO see a video of wildlife on a restored road click here: